Fire Hydrant Survival

You’re a Fire Hydrant. Don’t get peed on!


You are a fire hydrant. The only unblemished unclaimed hydrant in the city. All the dogs, with their bladders full, from all over the city have set their sights on your untainted red paint. It is up to you to demoralize them by squirting them away with your high powered water faucet. Your water level gets replenished overtime but if you use too much you’ll have to wait to start replenishing, so use your water sparingly. If a dog finds its way to you, it will unload its payload and you will find yourself in a less presentable manner. Luckily there are a few power ups that your “claimed” colleagues are dropping to help you survive the onslaught.

  • Health power up. Heal yourself once
  • Frequency power up. Water comes out at a higher frequency.
  • Water Level power up. Increase the amount of water you can hold in your tank.
  • Speed power up. Make your water move faster.

Cross platform game made in Unity.